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HTP-CAPITAL is a leading Healthcare Financing Capital company

About us

At HTP-CAPITAL, we recognize that healthcare organizations face complex financial hurdles

HTP-CAPITAL is a leading Healthcare Financing Capital company dedicated to providing specialized financial solutions to healthcare organizations. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry, we offer comprehensive funding options and strategic guidance to help healthcare providers achieve their financial goals.

At HTP-CAPITAL, our mission is to provide innovative and comprehensive healthcare financing solutions that empower healthcare organizations to thrive and deliver exceptional patient care. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex financial landscape of the healthcare industry, ensuring their financial stability and enabling them to focus on what matters most – the health and well-being of their patients.

Our vision is to be the leading healthcare financing company, revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations access and manage capital. We strive to be a trusted partner, known for our expertise, integrity, and commitment to excellence. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, industry knowledge, and strategic partnerships, we aim to drive positive change in the healthcare sector, enabling organizations to achieve financial sustainability and make a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

Businesses we Serve

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

We support all businesses in the healthcare delivery value chain:

Hospitals | Medical and Dental Practice Offices | Surgical Centers | Urgent Care Facilities | Telehealth Services

Assisted Living Facilities | Nursing Homes | Rehabilitation Centers | Senior Living Facilities | Home Healthcare Agencies

Ambulance and other Medical Transportation Services | Diagnostic Laboratories | Imaging Facilities

Pharmacies | Medical Supply Companies | Healthcare Staffing Agencies | Medical Billing Companies

Healthcare Practitioners

We are here to help healthcare service providers obtain the financing needed to start your own medical or dental practice, ambulance service, diagnostic lab, imaging center etc. You can also access capital to stay afloat or expand your existing business. Likewise, we can get you funding to buy into any existing healthcare service provider business.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our business. We are committed to transparency, honesty, and ethical practices, ensuring that our clients and partners can trust us to act with integrity at all times.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize the needs and goals of our clients above all else. We listen attentively, understand their unique challenges, and provide personalized solutions that align with their financial objectives. Our clients' success is our success.


We embrace innovation and continuously seek new ways to enhance our services and deliver value to our clients. We leverage technology, industry trends, and creative thinking to develop cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare financing.


We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork. We foster an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages open communication, idea sharing, and collaboration among our employees, clients, and partners. Together, we can achieve more.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We strive for continuous improvement, setting high standards for ourselves and constantly raising the bar. We take pride in delivering exceptional service, demonstrating expertise, and achieving outstanding results.

Empathy and Compassion

We understand the importance of empathy and compassion in healthcare financing. We approach every interaction with empathy, recognizing the human element in healthcare and the impact our services have on patients, healthcare providers, and communities.


We are responsive and proactive in meeting the needs of our clients. We understand that time is of the essence in healthcare financing, and we work diligently to provide timely and efficient solutions. We are accessible, attentive, and responsive to our clients' inquiries and concerns.

Long-Term Partnerships

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our business. We are committed to transparency, honesty, and ethical practices, ensuring that our clients and partners can trust us to act with integrity at all times.

Social Responsibility

We recognize our responsibility to contribute to the well-being of society. We actively engage in initiatives that support healthcare access, equity, and community development. We aim to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry and the communities we serve.

Continuous Learning

We foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development. We encourage our employees to stay abreast of industry trends, regulations, and advancements in healthcare financing. By investing in our team's knowledge and expertise, we can provide the highest level of service to our clients.


What We Do

The Team

Alex Lomosi

Principal & Chief-Healthcare Financial Advisor

Darrell Peterson

Special Capital Markets Chief Advisor

Brian Pearson

Special Tax, Research & Development Credits Advisor


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