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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Businesses we Serve

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Financing for the Healthcare Industry

We support all businesses in the healthcare delivery value chain:
Hospitals | Medical and Dental Practice Offices | Surgical Centers | Urgent Care Facilities | Telehealth Services
Assisted Living Facilities | Nursing Homes | Rehabilitation Centers | Senior Living Facilities | Home Healthcare Agencies
Ambulance and other Medical Transportation Services | Diagnostic Laboratories | Imaging Facilities
Pharmacies | Medical Supply Companies | Healthcare Staffing Agencies | Medical Billing Companies

What kind of financing is available ?

You can get the financing you need to construct, acquire, or rehabilitate commercial real estate for your hospital, clinic, or nursing home. We support construction from the ground up anywhere in the U.S., including urban and rural areas. We also support acquisition of existing real estate and modification to meet your business needs.

We understand the unique challenges you face because of our special focus on healthcare businesses. For example, we know the perennial issue of delayed payments from third parties and how that can affect your business. Our healthcare receivables financing program can help solve this problem and improve your cash flow.

A wide variety of fast and flexible financing options are available for you to acquire new equipment and accommodate growth or replace obsolete equipment and stay current. Our equipment lease programs can help you preserve cash and at the same time avoid being stuck with obsolete equipment.

We also offer low-interest government guaranteed loans: SBA 7a Loan Program, SBA 504 Loan Program and USDA Business & Industry Loans for businesses in rural America.

Contact us to learn more about our healthcare financing programs. We are here to help you put together a financing package to meet your needs.