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Healthcare Practitioners

Financing For Healthcare Service Providers

We are here to help healthcare service providers obtain the financing needed to start your own medical or dental practice, ambulance service, diagnostic lab, imaging center etc. You can also access capital to stay afloat or expand your existing business. Likewise, we can get you funding to buy into any existing healthcare service provider business.

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if you have a vision of starting or growing a successful business in the healthcare sector. We will work with you to discover how much business financing you can qualify for. You will be surprised to learn how easily your dream can become a reality.

What kind of financing is available for healthcare service providers?

We understand the unique challenges you face because of our special focus on healthcare businesses. For example, we know the perennial issue of delayed payments from third parties and how that can affect your business. Our healthcare receivables financing program can help solve this problem and improve your cash flow.

We have financing options for medical and dental equipment acquisition that allow you to upgrade your facilities without putting undue stress on your finances.

You can also obtain financing to acquire, construct or rehabilitate medical or dental commercial real estate. In addition, we have financing packages for debt consolidation and much more.

We finance:



Which healthcare service provider businesses do we support?

We support all businesses in the healthcare delivery value chain. Here are some examples:

  • Hospitals | Medical and Dental Practice Offices | Surgical Centers | Urgent Care Facilities | Telehealth services
  • Assisted Living Facilities | Nursing Homes | Rehabilitation Centers | Senior Living Facilities | Home Healthcare Agencies
  • Ambulance and other Medical Transportation Services | Diagnostic Labs | Imaging Facilities
  • Pharmacies | Medical Supply Companies | Healthcare Staffing Agencies | Medical Billing Companies

Contact us to learn more about our healthcare financing programs. We are here to help whether you need a loan, a lease or an unsecured business line of credit.