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Bridge Financing

Building bridges, not barriers: Creative lending solutions with Austin Financial

We Are Industry Agnostic.

The following pie chart displays the proportion of funds used by our clients
for various purposes, providing insight into their financing needs.

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Proof of Funds

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soft deposits

You shouldn't need to cross the bridge alone. You won't need to with HTP.

How It Works

Welcome to Truss Soft Deposits, a flexible financing option provided by TRUSS Financial LLC to help clients navigate transactions that require a deposit to show “good faith”, typically within real estate transactions. With Truss Soft Deposits, we provide funds to a title company of our choosing for any set period of time required, and due to our flexible pricing structure, there is no timeframe we would not consider for soft deposits. Let us help you navigate your next real estate transaction with ease and confidence.

What is it?

Short-term bridge financing solutions for prepaying interest & down-payments on long-term loans

Austin Financial specializes in providing short-term bridge financing solutions for businesses that need immediate capital to meet their financial obligations. The loans are intended to bridge the gap until the long-term financing comes through.

Exit strategy is important.

Exit-based lending approach with an emphasis on exit strategy

Austin bridge financing requires that there is an exit strategy in place. This means that the borrower must have a plan in place to pay off the bridge loan once the long-term financing is secured. This approach ensures that the borrower is not left with unsustainable debt.

Diversity of Solutions.

Diverse range of financing solutions for real estate and non-real estate projects

Austin Financial offers diverse financing solutions, including for real estate and non-real estate projects, with expertise and capital from their strong relationships with Business Line of Credit providers.

Distribution of Funds Usage by Clients

The following pie chart displays the proportion of funds used by our clients for various purposes, providing insight into their financing needs.

The process

Our engagement process is designed to make it easy for businesses to
apply for and secure bridge financing solutions.

The process includes:​​

1. Initial phone call between the client and our Head of Business Development David Williams. (Brokers are welcome to be on the call but we will always need to hear the deal details directly from the client so as to avoid miscommunications.)

2. Completion of the Truss Bridge Application, Supporting Documents, and Truss Bridge Application Fee.

3. Client provides supporting LOI/Commitment from long term lender showing that they have been approved for financing and there is a requirement for the Client to pre-pay interest or provide funds for a down-payment.

4. Initial underwriting and Truss Issuance of Proposal for the Truss Bridge Loan.

5. Intercreditor Agreement signed between Client, Truss, and long-term lender. Truss provides the bridge funds to meet the lender’s requirements. Truss files a UCC1 on the Client’s assets.

6. Truss is repaid from the loan proceeds issued by the long-term lender, as per agreed upon in the Intercreditor Agreement. Truss is exited from the deal and files a UCC3 on the Client’s assets.

Let's bridge the
gap together.

At Austin Financial, we’re all about providing you with the funding you need, on your terms. Whether you’re looking to expand your business, bridge a financial gap, or take advantage of a new opportunity, our team is here to help. With our flexible financing options and streamlined application process, getting the funding you need has never been easier. So why wait? Get in touch with us today and let us help you take your business to the next level.